Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon

The theme of the Song of Solomon is the glofication of wedded love. It is also called Song of Songs, possibly implying that Solomon included in it the choicest of all of the songs that he wrote (see 1 Kings 4:32). Song of Solomon is set in Springtime and includes many metaphors and eastern imagery, showcasing Solomon’s fondness for nature, gardens, meadows, vineyards, orchards, and flocks.

The book was written between 971-965 BC. it is one of three books written by Solomon. Ecclesiastes was written in Solomon's old age as he reflected back on his life. Most of Proverbs was written in the maturity of Solomon's life, when his focus was still on God and on sharing God’s wisdom with others. Song of Solomon was written by a youthful Solomon, who composed a wedding song to describe his love for, and marriage to, a beautiful girl from the country named "Shulamite".

Song of Songs essentially records a dialogue between an ordinary Jewish maiden and her "beloved", the King of Israel.


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Song of Solomon Chapter 1
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