End Times: Back to the Future

Lesson 17Revelation Chapters 14 and 15

End Times

In previous lessons, we observed the description of Satan, the Anti Christ, and the False Prophet; and their mission of destruction. We now take a look at Christ’s plan for the salvation of the portion of mankind that remained on the earth during the seven-year period. In our next lesson, God will bring his final judgments on those who reject Christ’s plan and continue to follow after Satan.

Questions for Revelation Chapters 14 and 15

  1. Compare Revelation 14:1 with Revelation 15:3. What is the name given to Christ in each of these verses,and how are they different?
  2. In Revelation 14:1, how many are standing with Christ?
  3. In Revelation 14:2, what is the "voice of many waters" (or "roar of rushing water", depending on translation) referring to? (See Isaiah 17:12-13 and Revelation 17:15 for examples of what "many waters" refers to.) Who would be referenced in this verse?
  4. In Revelation 14:3, what is meant by the phrase "they sang a new song"?
  5. What is the everlasting gospel message that will be preached around the world, i.e., "to them that dwell on the earth"?
  6. How do we know this message will literally be preached all over the world? Revelation 14:6 tells us tha it will be preached "to every __________, and __________, and __________, and ___________."
  7. What is the punishment that will come to those who take the mark of the beast and worship the beast and his image? (see Revelation 14:10)
  8. When the followers of the beast are punished, who is present and for how long? (see Revelation 14:10-11)
  9. What does Revelation 14:13 tell us about the dead which die in the Lord during this time?
  10. What do you suppose "resting from their labors" and the fact that "their works follow them" means?
  11. What is described in the verses of Revelation 14:14-20?
  12. We have seen the seven trumpets; now we prepare for the seven vials, the seven last judgments. How are they described in Revelation 15:1?
  13. Now that the final judgments are about to take place, what is the title given to Christ in Revelation 15:3?

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