Mark is believed to have written this Gospel, which includes many stories of Jesus as told by Peter. A key area of focus for Mark was the supernatural power of Jesus, especially as reflected in His miracles.

John Mark was the son of a woman named Mary. Their home in a Jerusalem appears to have been a meeting place for the disciples of Jesus; and his mother Mary appears to have been an influential leader, as it was her home that Peter went to after the angel released him from prison. (Acts 12:12) Being a cousin of Barnabas, Mark may have been a Levite.


In 44 AD, Mark travelled with Paul and Barnabas to Antioch as part of their First Missionary Journey, but turned back. In 50 AD, Mark wanted to go with Paul on his Second Missionary Journey, but Paul refused him, leading to the separation of Paul and Barnabas. Mark then travelled to Cyprus with Barnabas.

Later, in 62 AD, Mark appears in Rome with Paul; and 4-5 years after that, Paul asked for Mark to come join him. (II Timothy 4:11) It seems that in those later years, Mark became one of Paul’s intimate and beloved helpers.

In the main, however, Mark was a companion of Peter and is believed to have been with him at the time Peter wrote his first epistle (1 Peter 5:13). Mark's Gospel is thought to have been written and published in Rome between 60 and 70 AD.

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Mark Chapter 1
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Mark Chapter 2
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Mark Chapter 3
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Mark Chapter 4
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Mark Chapter 5
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Mark Chapter 6
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Mark Chapter 7
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Mark Chapter 8
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Mark Chapter 9
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Mark Chapter 10
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Mark Chapters 11-13
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Mark Chapters 14-15
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Mark Chapter 16
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