The book of Daniel, written by Daniel around 530 BC, is sometimes referred to as "The Apocalypse of the Old Testament". It was written to encourage the exiled Jews by revealing God's ultimate plan for Israel after the "times of the Gentiles", which began with the Babylonian captivity. The Jews will suffer under Gentile powers for a long time, but this period is not permanent, and will ultimately be replaced with a Messianic kingdom that will last forever.

Like many of his fellow prophets, Daniel was a minister to kings and emperors. When King Nebuchadnezzar first carried the Jews captive into Babylon around 606 BC, Daniel was chosen as one of an elite group of Jewish youths to be taken to Babylon and trained for service in the King’s court. Because of his righteousness and sensitivity to the promptings of the Spirit, he was greatly favored of God. The Lord blessed him with the gift of interpreting dreams and visions. This aptitude ultimately garnered attention from the emperor, and he was raised to positions that enabled him to spend his life in service to the kings of the land. He became God’s minister to those rulers. He was made chief of the wise men, chancellor of a national university, and ruler of all the Hebrew captives. As governor of the province of Babylon, he was one of the chief rulers in both the Babylonian and Persian Empires. Even though his life was periodically endangered because of the jealousy of evil men, he lived so perfectly that the Lord continually protected and preserved him.


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Daniel Chapter 1
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Daniel Chapter 2
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Daniel Chapter 3
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Daniel Chapter 4
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Daniel Chapter 5
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Daniel Chapter 6
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Daniel Chapter 7
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Daniel Chapter 8
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Daniel Chapter 9
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Daniel Chapter 10
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Daniel 11:1-35
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Daniel 11:36-12:13
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