End Times: Back to the Future

End Times

End Times study, also know as eschatology, is an ancient branch of study in Christian theology. The study of "last things" and the Second Coming of Christ was first touched on by Ignatius of Antioch (c. 35107 AD), then given more consideration by the Christian apologist, Justin Martyr (c. 100165). Treatment of eschatology continued in the West in the teachings of Tertullian (c. 160225), and was given fuller reflection and speculation soon after by Origen (c. 185254). It was increasingly recognized as a formal division of theological study during the 20th century.

Eschatological passages, sometimes called "apocalyptic" writings, are found throughout the Bible, in both the Old Testament and the New Testament, although they are concentrated in the prophetic books. There are various short, but important, eschatological passages in both the gospels and the epistles. There are also many extra-biblical examples of eschatological prophecy, as well as church traditions that have been added to the scriptures over the years. Our approach will be to strictly use the Bible as our reference for this important study.

The second coming of Christ is the central event in Christian eschatology. Many Christians believe that death and suffering will continue to exist until Christ’s return. Others believe that suffering will gradually be eliminated prior to his coming, and that the elimination of injustice is our part in preparing for that event. There are a variety of viewpoints concerning the order and significance of eschatological events. We will examine these various viewpoints as our study progresses.

My prayer is that as we jointly embark on this study, God will open our eyes and our heart to all that He has in store for us when Christ returns. Furthermore, I pray that we will find others to share this good news with as we study together.


End Times Study Overview
    Introduction Answers

Lesson 1
The Period Before the Tribulation
    Lesson 1 Answers

Lesson 2
Ezekiel’s Prophecies
    Lesson 2 Answers

Lesson 3
Daniel’s Prophecies
    Lesson 3 Answers

Lesson 4
Zechariah’s Prophecies
    Lesson 4 Answers

Lesson 4A
Old Testament End Times Review
    Lesson 4A Answers

Lesson 5
Matthew Chapters 24 and 25 — Part 1
    Lesson 5 Answers

Lesson 6
Matthew Chapters 24 and 25 — Part 2
    Lesson 6 Answers

Lesson 6A
Supplement: Numbers commonly used In Revelation and their significance

Lesson 7
Revelation Chapters 1 – 3
    Lesson 7 Answers

Lesson 8
Revelation Chapters 4 and 5
    Lesson 8 Answers

Lesson 9
Revelation Chapter 6
    Lesson 9 Answers

Lesson 10
Revelation Chapter 7
    Lesson 10 Answers

Lesson 11
Revelation Chapter 8
    Lesson 11 Answers

Lesson 12
Revelation Chapter 9
    Lesson 12 Answers

Lesson 13
Revelation Chapter 10
    Lesson 13 Answers

Lesson 14
Revelation Chapter 11
    Lesson 14 Answers

Lesson 15
Revelation Chapter 12
    Lesson 15 Answers

Lesson 16
Revelation Chapter 13
    Lesson 16 Answers

Lesson 17
Revelation Chapters 14 and 15
    Lesson 17 Answers

Lesson 18
Revelation Chapter 16
    Lesson 18 Answers

Lesson 19
Revelation Chapters 17 and 18
    Lesson 19 Answers

Lesson 20
Ezekiel Chapters 38 and 39, and Revelation 19
    Lesson 20 Answers

Lesson 21
Revelation 20
    Lesson 21 Answers

Lesson 22
Revelation Chapters 21 and 22

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